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vendredi, 06 mai 2016 12:10

Le Forum (franco-américain)

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LE FORUM VOL. 28 2 SMALL dragged 000001There is only one bilingual publication in Maine that I know of, Le Forum. It is published by the University of Maine Franco-American Centre Franco-Américain in Orono, Maine.

It's editor is Lisa Desjardins-Michaud, originally from Van Buren, in northern Maine. Lisa also does the layout and is apparently her own technician. She doesn't have a big budget - never did and most probably never will. It's a fact of living in Maine.

But Le Forum, which publishes all of its articles in both French and English, has contributors and subscribers from pretty much all over the United States. As you may know, there are several million Franco-Americans in the United States but they are scattered in little groups here and there, most notably in northern Maine and southern Louisiana, as well as in the rest of New England and in the midwest.

Le Forum has been published for almost 40 years by the University of Maine. It started as Le Farog Forum, aimed at ridiculing the too common pejorative of "frog," meaning someone who speaks French. Their logo is a cartoon frog stylized into a fleur-de-lys.

Over time it dropped the Farog and is now known as simply Le Forum.


If you are interested in what Franco-Americans are interested in reading, check out the latest issue, as well as back issues, at:


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Don Levesque

He spent more than 30 years in community journalism, mainly at the St. John Valley Times, located in Madawaska, Maine. where he wrote a bilingual newspaper column, Mon 5¢, for more than 20 years. He has been inducted into the Maine Franco-American Hall of Fame ans into the Maine Journalisme Hall of Fame.

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